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Dancers and Parents

We are hoping to get back in the studio for face to face classes in January and are awaiting government advice.  However, we might need to do online classes for January and return to face to face in February.  

Thank you so so much for your ongoing support and more information will be emailed to you soon. x




Buttercup Ballet - Brogan

Primary Ballet - Amber

Junior Ballet - Anna and Sophie

Mid Ballet - Lara

Senior Ballet - Honey

Junior Modern - Sarah

Mid Modern - Lara and Sofiya

Senior Modern - Darcey-Dee

Junior Improvisation - Sofiya

Senior Improvisation - Darcey-Dee and Molly E

Junior Choreography - Hattie and Lara

Senior Choreography - Darcey-Dee

Primary Tap - Shai

Junior Tap - Sophie

Mid Tap - Emily

Senior Tap - Molly E

Junior Performer - Sofiya

Senior Performer - Darcey-Dee

Junior Achievement - Grace

Senior Achievement - Ella and Bronia

Results of All England Regionals 2019

Darcey-Dee 1st Gold and through to the All England Finals 2019 with her modern solo.

Darcey- Dee 3rd in Contemporary and 2nd in Lyrical Modern.

Groups and other solos awarded Distinction with special commendation.


Results from Godalming, Woking, Slough Festivals 2019

Update soon.


Results of ISTD Janet Cram Finals 2019

Darcey-Dee awarded the Muicality Prize from the Judges.

Results from ISTD Janet Cram Heats 2019

Darcey-Dee won the class prize and is through to the finals.

Results for Kingston Festival 2018

Molly E - 3rd place modern, 3rd place lyrical and Qualified Character, 2nd in contemporary duet.

Darcey-Dee - 2nd Modern and qualified in Contemporary and Character, 2nd in contemporary duet.

Qualified Junior Modern and Senior Modern Group.



Results from Slough Festival 2018

Molly E - 1st place modern, 2nd place contemporary, 2nd place lyrical

Darcey-Dee - 2nd place song & dance, 2nd place modern (qualifier), 3rd place character

Molly E & Darcey-Dee - 2nd place modern duet

Ria - 3rd place modern

Lara - 3rd place modern

Ballet Group - 3rd place

Modern Group - 2nd place 

Well done Darcey-Dee Springer for winning the modern aggregate cup.

Well done Molly Ettridge for competing in the bursary competition and qualifying 3 solos for regionals!



Results from Woking Festival 2018

Gold - Senior Quartet, Anna's Acro Solo, Character Group, 

Silver - Darcey-Dee's Acro Solo, 

Bronze - Darcey-Dee's Modern Solo, Molly Lyrical



'Awards' Evening 2017 

Well done to everyone who performed in the awards show. Here is the list of award winners...

Buttercup Ballet - Amber Hoar and Oliver Bastin

Primary Ballet - Sophie Ward and Isabel Ridgway

Junior Ballet - Hattie Reed

Mid Ballet - Darcey-Dee Springer and Ria Straker

Senior Ballet - Montanna Springer

Junior Modern - Isla Fletcher

Mid Modern - Holly Fletcher and Darcey-Dee Springer

Senior Modern - Dylan Springer

Primary Tap - Sarah Boon and Sophie Ward

Junior Tap - Ria Straker

(special mentions to Hattie Reed and Emily Ridgway)

Senior Tap - Dylan Springer

Junior Improvisation - Sofiya Hristova

Senior Improvisation - Molly Ettridge

Junior Choreography - Faye Straker and Annabelle Osborne

Senior Choreography - Amilah Khalil and Holly Fletcher

Junior Performer - Hattie Reed

Senior Performer - Molly Ettridge

Junior Achievement - Molly Bannister

Senior Achievement - Kelly Mwaamba



All England Regional Finals

Well done to Ria, Molly, Montanna and Darcey-Dee who danced solos at regionals.

Congratulations Dylan for winning the dance off and getting through to Nationals!

Congratulations to our 8 group dancers as BILLS is also through to nationals!


CONGRATULATIONS to the Senior Elite Team on winning the heat of the British Red Cross: Dance, Make your Move competition. They will be performing at the grand final at the O2 in July!



Results from Slough Festival 2017

Gold - Senior Group and  winners of the shield

Gold - Montanna and Dylan for Modern Duet and winner of Duet Cup

Gold - Molly and Darcey-Dee for modern duet

Gold - Dylan Contemporary Solo

Gold - Dylan Modern Solo 90 marks

Gold - Montanna Contemporary Solo

Gold - Dylan Balllet Solo

Silver - Montanna - Ballet Solo

Silver - Darcey-Dee Ballet Solo

Silver - Molly Lyrical Modern Solo

Silver - Montanna Lyrical Solo

Bronze - Montanna Modern Solo

Bronze - Molly Modern Solo

Bronze - Darcey-Dee Modern

Adjudicators Choice - Dylan


Well done Dylan for getting through to the finals at the RAD South East Awards Day 2017. 


Godalming Festival 2017 - All Qualifying Solos! Brilliant results...​

Montanna - 2nd place modern, 2nd place contemporary, 3rd place lyrical

Dylan - 1st place contemporary, 3rd place ballet

Molly - 1st place lyrical, 4th place modern

Darcey - 2nd place modern, 4th place ballet

Montanna & Dylan - 2nd place modern duet


Well done to Dylan Springer and Molly Ettridge who made it through to the Janet Cram finals 2016.


British Red Cross - NSD Elites Senior Group won the 'Technique Award'.


Well done NSD Elites for making the final of RAD Moving North Competition. Montanna for her solo and Dylan, Molly, Montanna, Darcey-Dee, Niamh and Brogan for the group.


Dylan Springer made the final of RAD Awards 2015 - well done Dylan.


Well done Brogan Fleming - dancing with Billy Elliot the musical on the West End.


Take a look at our gallery of pictures which include class pictures, show pictures and any pictures of students that have had a dancing adventure...




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